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I am GRATEFUL from THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I truly thought I was beyond hope, and most certainly beyond help. My brain was fried. My heart was so heavy. I couldn’t relate to my friends, and they definitely couldn’t relate to me! I felt emotionally isolated, and REALLY, really angry. I was such a wreck. Someone passed along Natalia’s name, so I hopped onto her website...  I watched one of her YouTube videos... then I binge watched all of them! Finally, someone who was speaking my language. Even though I was skeptical about whether or not I would ever feel better, I felt an immediate connection with Natalia, I saw that this was a woman who had the capacity to be with me in my own darkness. I decided to do her program, and honestly it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. 


Natalia gets grief like no one I’ve ever met. She doesn’t try to “fix”, but models the type of behavior that is actually helpful in supporting people so that they can move through their own grief. I learned so much in our time together. I learned about grief and the way that it effects the brain (“oh, you mean I’m not CRAZY, my brain is just going haywire because of all the loss I’m experiencing? Oh!!”) and how to be supportive of others that are dealing with loss. She was patient with me when I would get anxious and frustrated. She would simply meet me where I was, every single time. 


I got so much out of working with Natalia. I feel more balanced, content, and I see a path forward. 


I would recommend working with Natalia if you feel hopeless. If you’ve been grieving for 20 years. Or two weeks. I would recommend working with Natalia if you have a sick family member or friend. If you have layers of loss, transition, change, etc. and feel like you just don’t know where to begin. I’d recommend Natalia if you thought you had a handle on your grief, but then something happened, and you feel like you’re back at square one. Or square minus one. I would recommend Natalia, period.


Annie H.

I worked with Natalia on my relationships with my deceased parents. I wanted to heal some of the unfinished business that continued to stay within me around both of these important relationships. My experience with Natalia was illuminating and healing. I learned so much about different dimensions of my parents as individuals and also in respect to the ways that we related to each other. What surprised me most was the way I had been holding on to unneeded baggage regarding these relationships for many years. This work helped open the door to a new way to be with my parents. Even though they have passed away, I still relate to them and feel their presence. After working with Natalia, it feels like there is more space around these relationships. There is a new kind of understanding and softness that has arisen. What has emerged is really quite beautiful. I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking for someone to help you navigate and heal your relationships with your deceased loved ones and also those who are still alive! Natalia takes you through an amazing process of self-discovery that is invaluable. My work with her has been life changing.​

Kat S.

I turned to Natalia to seek help for my mother, who lost her husband (my stepfather, and an amazing person!) tragically, approximately 4 years ago.  We are a very close family, but unfortunately no support over the past few years has helped Mom with her grief.  That was, until I met Natalia!  I was fortunate enough to meet Natalia through a business venture, and once I heard what she did for a living, and what she had been through herself, I thought this might be the right fit for Mom.

Our experience was overwhelming.  Mom has made incredible progress in the last year after working with Natalia. She is … dealing with emotions and situations that I'm certain she couldn't have dealt with prior to dealing with Natalia.  She is happier, more content, and in a better place mentally and emotionally.  She is becoming the best version of who she can be after suffering such an incredible loss.

The outcome and/or benefits were basically that Mom gets her life back again.  It's obviously a different life than what she had, but it is so much better than where she has been up to this point.  She has been very lost in grief and bottled up for the last 4 years.  It consumed her.  She needed something to help her deal with both her loss and what her life has become after the loss.  She seems to be much stronger now, not afraid to show her emotions or talk about things.  She has become more outgoing again.  She is getting her life back again.  A loss as big as the one she has suffered will never go away and will leave a large and lasting scar, but she has become so much stronger over the last year in dealing with it.  I am both extremely happy for her, and incredibly thankful that she found the right person to help her get to this point in her life.

I would highly recommend Natalia if you, or someone you know and care for has lost someone close to them and is having a hard time or struggling with life in the aftermath.  Thank God for people like Natalia!​

Mark P.

Working with Natalia has been such a blessing. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew it was important for me to work with her. 


I have experienced obvious losses in my life, with the deaths of my sister and father. I thought we would be working on my grief around this. I was very surprised what all came up for me as we initially started working together. This realization that loss doesn’t only have to do with death, but that we go through all kinds of loss all throughout our lives. Any important relationship is significant in the healing process. 


Natalia took me through an efficient and profound process that allowed me to take inventory of (my life, the significant relationships in it, and) the big areas to heal. I was surprised again by how deeply I was feeling about different areas in my life, that I had either forgotten or diminished their importance. My eyes were opened and though it is hard for me to welcome in pain and let myself feel it… the freedom that I feel on the other side of it is absolutely amazing. 


The first relationship we worked on was my mom. She is alive and doing great. (Again, making me realize, this work isn’t just about people who have died). I was amazed at the depth that I was able to go to with Natalia’s guidance and I was able to release so much. I was able to spend time with my mom shortly thereafter and it was one of the most loving and fun visits that I have had with her in recent years. I simply didn’t have the baggage that I previously carried around. This was nothing short of transformational. 


Natalia has the unique gift of holding an unconditional love presence in a way that I haven’t experienced before. She bears witness to my pain so that I can simply let it go. I feel so safe to allow whatever emotions that are there to come up and show themselves, knowing that I am seen, heard and loved. 


I am motivated to continue working through different significant relationships in my life with her, as I love feeling that freedom that comes when I have truly healed a part of myself. ​

Zenia M.

I turned to Natalia because I needed to sort out the difficult relationship I had with my father, and I wanted to free myself from the baggage I had been carrying around with me since he passed away unexpectedly five years ago. Till recently I did not have the courage to speak about my grief, let alone imagine working on it.


My experience with Natalia was deep… and during the process I always felt supported by her…. After the final puzzle piece was set, I felt my heart become lighter and a sensation of freedom overcame me. In a couple of months I was then able to talk about him without painful or negative feelings.  I am extremely thankful to Natalia for her patience and understanding.

I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking for elaborating your grief and overcoming it in a gentle, patient and reassuring way. She is empathic, sensitive, understanding and has a beautiful and huge heart. Her help is inestimable, invaluable.​

Lucia T.

I am a widow and (was) struggling with recreating my life.


I worked with Natalia on dealing with my grief, having lost so many family and friends in the last 5 years, the final and most devastating being the loss of my husband. I felt I was not getting anywhere even though I had tried so many different agendas to try and help myself out of this deep hole I had fallen into. Nothing worked, nothing helped, and I didn’t think I would ever be able to move on.


From the first phone call with Natalia, I knew she was someone I could openly talk to and pour out my heart. We connected immediately and that bond grew stronger as she patiently walked me through my grief. I felt maybe there was hope that I might get up and out of this deep, dark hole. She literally was a lifeline. I now feel much farther up out of that deep hole, and now to figure out which way to go and how to get there.


She has made my heart lighter and gave me tools to deal with the ups and downs which are many.  She is always there for me and so supportive. I have been able to talk openly with her about everything. We cry together and laugh together. If I am down when we do FaceTime, she knows without saying a word but after being with her, my day already seems brighter.​


Natalia utilizes a process to take emotionally charged events and enable you to release the pain. Natalia's experience makes her the perfect person to lead you on this journey. In addition to healing my grief, I'm now better able to listen to and empathize with others. I only wish that I'd found this course years ago. 


I am a nurse with many years of experience in end-of-life care.  I had considered myself familiar with the many faces of grieving … but, I turned to Natalia because I had hit a period of multiple losses in both my personal and professional life. I could tell I wasn’t functioning well and needed to get help.  The losses continued through the time I was working with Natalia, but I began to carry them more lightly with each passing week while we worked on a core unresolved, past loss.


The homework/exercises were sometimes difficult but necessary. Natalia was always very patient, understanding and nonjudgmental – all the qualities of a true healer. The benefits were a broader and deeper understanding of my own personal losses and a chance to learn new perspectives, including tools with which to approach my own grieving. I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking for a compassionate professional who understands the grieving process. You can be confident that when you do this difficult work, you will not be overwhelmed or lost as you go through the painful healing process.  She is there for you!​

Jan C.

I turned to Natalia because  I was stuck …  after many losses, my marriage of 40 some years, selling my house that I raised my kids in, but the final loss that sent me down was the breakup with the man I was seeing for two and a half years. My experience with Natalia was... very good! I felt safe to say what happened without judgement. The outcome and/or benefits were...more than I could have ever expected.  I am no longer playing the tapes of my time with my boyfriend over and over.

I would highly recommend Natalia if you ...are sad and can’t get through it.  

Beth F.

I turned to Natalia for help over the loss of my mother to Alzheimer’s, not death.  My experience with Natalia was very thorough and healing. I liked that I had assignments and I understood what I was supposed to do.  She made me see things differently about grief and my relationship. She (helped) me to feel I could go on with a better attitude and gave me tools I could rely on.  She is a great support.  I feel uplifted and lighter.​


I was feeling ongoing anxiety and depression. Although I had doubts that this would change things for me, I was happily surprised by the end. I had moved way past a loss that had haunted me for decades!  I learned so much (about grieving) that I feel more prepared to face future losses in a 
healthier manner, but I would/will contact Natalia in the future, if the need arises. I highly recommend Natalia Volz.


My overall experience was positive. Natalia helped me understand my pain. My work with Natalia helped clarify that I struggle not just with the loss of my husband, but my feelings about our relationship and marriage.  I gained new insights on loss, grief and how to recover from grief.  I would recommend to others working with Natalia. ​


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