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Wondering if this work is for you?


Q: I am not sure if this work is right for me. How do I know?

The first step in my process is a 30-minute phone call together. On the call, you will tell me briefly what is happening. I will tell you what it looks like to work with me, then you will ask any questions you have.  After I have answered your questions, I will tell you to think about our conversation and email me if you decide you want to work with me.  Then we will hang up. If it feels like a good fit and you want to work with me, then you will email me and tell me that you have decided that you want to do this life-changing healing work together. I will then send you paperwork with instructions of how to get started.  


Q: How often are the sessions and how long is the work together?

A: Sessions are four times per month, and individuals work with me for a minimum of four months.  Some stop after four to six months when they feel lighter and better.  Normally, clients choose, after experiencing the power of this work, and the initial positive shift in their life, to continue working together for somewhere around one year. This is the client’s decision. 


Q:  Where do we meet?

A:  You meet with me on Zoom from your home, office, or any space where you have quiet and privacy.


Q: How do I get an introductory call with you?

A:  Send me a message through the contact form and let me know you would like to talk and learn more about working together.  When I receive your request, I will email or call you back within 24 hours to arrange a time for a phone conversation so that we can talk, I can answer any questions that you have, and we can see if working together feels right.

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