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Healing for the heartbroken

We are meant to heal from every heartbreak. I act as a guide and coach walking you through unfamiliar territory and delivering you back to your truest self.


My message to you...

Yes, you are in a long, dark night of the soul. You can’t imagine everything working out. And yet, somewhere deep in your broken heart, you feel called to begin mending. You don’t know how. 

You don’t have a clue how. You’ve tried. Friends want you back. You are isolating more and more.


I see you. I hold the vision for you when you are not yet there. I walk beside you when you feel all alone.  I guide you gently, in your timing. I see the light of a new day when you cannot. When you are scared, lost, devastated, I softly hold space for all of you, the good, bad, ugly. Together we uncover, explore, discover, cry, even laugh, feel. Together we walk through the fire and out the other side. You discover what you did not know. You learn. You feel. You slowly, gently shift.


You walk through the tunnel but not alone, this time with me guiding you. And you see the light of a new day.

Your heart is broken. It is time to heal from what happened, and in time—your time— grow and expand.


A little about me...

I experienced my own deep pain and suffering following the death of my husband in 2010. I knew I had to recover and not just cope as I was left alone to raise my three young children.  I didn’t have a choice, so I tried everything. Therapy, medication, read every book, yoga, joined a gym, started jogging, did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), past life regression. Nothing worked.  Was there something wrong with me?


Three years later, still searching, I stumbled upon a recovery process that I found amazingly helpful in causing a shift. There is unfinished business anytime a relationship changes or ends. Once I figured out my unfinished business, my suffering stopped. I had found a new life purpose, to change the way people understand and recover from life’s heartbreaks and remake their life.

What I do...

In my practice, I guide and coach individuals to healing their heartbreak using action-oriented techniques (that means you’ll leave sessions with new ideas to practice), and a heart-centered approach (that means you learn to heal from your heart, your feeling center, not your head, where we get stuck on the hamster wheel analyzing what happened but getting nowhere). This approach is very effective at having you feeling better and lighter and more alive. 

Who I help...

Over the years I have transitioned from working with grief alone to helping individuals regarding the relationships that are causing you pain and suffering whether the person is living or has died. In addition to grief due to a death, this can include: 

  • Divorce

  • Separation

  • Family/friend estrangement

  • Stressed relationships

  • Covid-related changes

  • Empty nest

  • Loss of pet

  • Chronic and terminal illness

  • Health and body changes from medical issues

  • Loss of job

What do all these life events have in common? They break our heart and end our life as it was.  I have learned personally and professionally that we can heal, then build a greater life feeling fully alive.

I got so much out of working with Natalia. I feel more balanced, content, and I see a path forward.


I truly thought I was beyond hope, and most certainly beyond help. I felt an immediate connection with Natalia and I saw that this was a woman who had the capacity to be with me in my own darkness. I decided to do her program, and honestly it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. 

Annie H.


Natalia takes you through an amazing process of self-discovery that is invaluable. My work with her has been life changing.

I worked with Natalia on my relationships with my deceased parents. My experience with Natalia was illuminating and healing. There is a new kind of understanding and softness that has arisen. I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking for someone to help you navigate and heal your relationships with your deceased loved ones and also those who are still alive! 

Kat S.


Natalia has the unique gift of holding an unconditional love presence in a way that I haven't experienced before.

Natalia took me through an efficient and profound process that allowed me to take inventory of (my life, the significant relationships in it, and) the big areas to heal. She bears witness to my pain so that I can simply let it go. I feel so safe to allow whatever emotions that are there to come up and show themselves, knowing that I am seen, heard and loved. 

Zenia M.

I felt my heart become lighter & the sensation of freedom overcame me.


I needed to sort out the difficult relationship I had with my father, and I wanted to free myself from the baggage I had been carrying around with me since he passed away unexpectedly five years ago. My experience with Natalia was deep, and during the process I always felt supported by her. In a couple of months I was then able to talk about him without painful or negative feelings.  I am extremely thankful to Natalia for her patience and understanding.

Lucia T.


I would highly recommend Natalia if you are looking for a compassionate professional who understands the grieving process.

I had hit a period of multiple losses in both my personal and professional life. I could tell I wasn’t functioning well and needed to get help. Natalia was always very patient, understanding and nonjudgmental – all the qualities of a true healer. You can be confident that when you do this difficult work, you will not be overwhelmed or lost as you go through the painful healing process.  She is there for you!

Jan C.


Mom has made incredible progress in the last year after working with Natalia. She is getting her life back again.

I turned to Natalia to seek help for my mother, who lost her husband tragically, approximately 4 years ago.  She is happier, more content, and in a better place mentally and emotionally.  She is becoming the best version of who she can be after suffering such an incredible loss. I would highly recommend Natalia if you, or someone you know and care for has lost someone close to them and is having a hard time or struggling with life in the aftermath. 

Mark P.

A note about fireweed...


I was mesmerized by the beauty of this vibrant perennial while traveling through the vast mountain ranges of Alaska devastated by forest fires. Amongst blackened, scorched land, fireweed shows up the first sign of life, brilliant and abundant preparing the land for new life to thrive. 


After my personal devastation, fireweed became a testament not only that life continues but that beauty follows great loss, and my symbol of blooming from adversity. I share with you this emblem of strength, resilience, and regeneration. I wish for you more than just living after heart break, but instead thriving as does Fireweed. 

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